Top 5: Actors Who Could Replace Jackman As Wolverine

Can you smell the controversy? Don’t worry – as I said in our review of The Wolverine – I agree that Jackman is pretty much irreplaceable in his role as Marvel’s slicey superhero but… what if? Anything can happen and in the event of great tragedy (or something similar), who could step up to the plate and assume the adamantium skeleton of The Wolverine? Because there is no way that Hollywood is willing to give up on Logan, no matter what may happen. So, here are five guys that I feel could – not should – replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.


t5w35 – Sam Worthington

Sam Worthington just sneaks in at the number 5 spot as I’m still not totally sold on him as an actor but he does have some necessary experience. He’s played the lead role is a number of big action movies (Avatar, Clash/Wrath Of The Titans) that could help him out should he be cast as Weapon X.



t5w24 – Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig brought something to the James Bond character that no actor had before – intensity. And intensity is an absolute necessity for anyone playing The Wolverine. Sure, he’d have to dye his hair – and his mutton chop ability is unproven – but Daniel Craig has it in him to be everyone’s favourite X-Person(ain’t no sexism here).



t5w43 – Gerard Butler

He may own the worst fake American accent in cinema but he’s a great action hero (see 300) and has the ability to play romantic roles should those in charge choose to investigate any of The Wolverine’s love interests. Gerard Butler would be high on my list (number 3 to be precise) of people to replace Jackman as the Ol’ Canucklehead.



t5w52 – Russell Crowe

I know what you’re thinking, Russell Crowe can’t play Wolverine, he’s like 100 years old! I’m not envisioning him playing Wolverine as we see him in cinema today, that just wouldn’t work. I’m envisioning him playing Wolverine à la Mark Millar’s Old Man Logan, that may just work. Think about it…




1 – Henry Cavill

It’s true that he’s currently tied up with the role of one of DC’s poster boys but could he swap steel for adamantium? Cavill certainly has the look and build to give us a convincing Logan and has proven – in this summers Man of Steel – that he has the acting chops to play a big screen action hero. Should Jackman perish in an unfortunate smelting accident, Cavill would be my number 1 choice to take the claws.



Again, I do not think that any of these guys would give us a better Wolverine than Hugh Jackman because – quite frankly – they wouldn’t. This is merely a ‘what if…’ So, who would you choose to take over as James Howlett? Someone from the list above or another actor, entirely? Let us know down in the comments below or over on Twitter @VersusTheScreen.

Kevin O'Donnell

Kevin O'Donnell is the Owner/Editor of VersusTheScreen. He also likes video games, light-to-moderate exercise and burritos a-plenty.

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